Henna is a beautiful and healthy alternative to commercial dyes. Henna adds brilliant color and shine to dull hair. Henna can relax coarse curls and make hair more manageable. The exact shade depends on your natural color. Blondes can expect bright fire-engine shades while brunettes achieve auburn shades. Dark brown and black hair obtains beautiful reddish highlights. The more often you henna your hair, the deeper the overall shade will become.

Applying henna to your hair can get messy. Be sure to have lots of rags on hand!

  1. Make a paste by mixing henna powder and lemon juice or water to a mashed potato-like consistency. Essential oils are not recommended and are not necessary.
  2. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit overnight at room temperature to allow for dye release. Dye release is evident if the top layer of the mixture is significantly darker than the underneath when pushed back with a spoon.
  3. Apply a thick layer of paste to hair. You will need 100g for short hair and 300-400g for longer hair. Wear gloves!
  4. Wrap hair with plastic wrap and leave paste on for 2-4 hours. Longer if needed.
  5. Rinse until water runs clear.
  6. Color will take a few days to fully develop. Hair will appear very bright at first, then darken and deepen after about 3-4 days.


Henna stains nails a brilliant orange and will last as long as the nail is there! When the nail grows, the base will not have color, but the rest of the nail will still be bright orange. The tips of the nails will lighten from wear but will never appear chipped. Henna can be re-applied to nails every 3-4 weeks to avoid the "half-moon" look. Henna is not only a healthy alternative to polish, but it looks unique and lasts a long time too!

  1. You can use the same paste you decorate your skin or hair with to color your nails.
  2. It’s easiest to use a Jacquard Bottle or a mylar cone to apply the henna to your nails.
  3. Be careful not to get henna on the skin around your nails for it will look messy and will be hard to correct later.
  4. Apply a thick coat of henna to nail and let dry (about 30-60 mins).
  5. Leave paste on for 3 hours to overnight. The longer the paste stays on, the deeper the color will be.
  6. Remove paste with lemon juice. Keep water off nails for at least 12 hours if you are able.
  7. Color will take a couple days to fully develop. Nails will appear bright orange at first, then darken and deepen a bit after a couple days.

TIP: Apply a coat of *liquid latex to the nail and skin around the nail after the paste dries. The paste will re-wet underneath the layer of latex to provide maximum staining. The latex will also prevent the paste from smooshing onto the skin. What we normally do at HennaMe is apply the henna before bed, apply the latex, then wrap fingers with toilet paper and go to sleep, removing the latex and henna in the morning.

*Liquid latex can be purchased through retailers who carry costumes or theatrical makeup.


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